What We Offer

Learn with Shirehill Farm is a hands on experience aimed at engaging KS1-3 with their native environments .

Our flexible and activities based curriculum provides children with all abilities, the chance to engage with nature, whilst focusing on a core environmental syllabus.


Shirehill Farm offers a range of facilitates to enhance outdoor education, including;

  1. A sheltered outdoor workroom (up to 20 people)
  2. Compostable toilets
  3. Woodland shelter and campfire
  4. Ancient Woodland with indigenous coppice and management examples
  5. 50 ha of undisturbed higher environmental status land with a range of butterfly and insect species
  6. Diverse aquatic and woodland habitats
  7. A choice of Spring and Autumn based activities can be downloaded here. For details on how to book please click here.

Once you have arranged a visit, we have a range of established activities and downloadable material, specifically tailored to the farms unique ecosystem.