Wildlife at Shirehill Farm

The farm is home to a wide variety of wildlife., which you will be able to see during the day and the night.

Around the farm you are likely to see

  • Pheasants (all year near game crop and farm house)

  • Badgers (all year throughout the farm)

  • Barn owl (typically in spring-summer)

  • A number of bats (typically spring-summer near farm house)

  • Wide variety of bird species including the rarer; Red Flanked Blue Tail (2014) and Sparrow Hawks

  • Our resident Fox and cubs

In 2013 the farm was successfully selected to qualify for Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) by Natural England. This form of Environmental Stewardship is an agri-environment scheme run by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)  in England.